Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NewsBusted 9/28/10 ~ NewsBusters.org


  1. Government rehab for General Motors. Good one!

    I love Jodi. She helps make all this bearable.

  2. Do you watch Glenn Beck?
    Exxxxxcellent show. Oh never mind, I do not watch it, I don't understand a thing that guy says, so I usually take a nap. Mom makes (and sometimes burns... okay just over cooks) dinner and watches that Glenn guy.
    Now she is researching some disturbing
    things about this 10-02-10.

    this blog is freaky:

    and this one is just disturbing:
    http://www.yclusa.org/ it takes a while to load... must be Oblamers favorite website.

    bonks to you Mr. Woodster

    ps: don't tell mom, but I think there will be a civil war ... soon

    couple more bonks

  3. ps: communism and UNIONs what is the connection here?

    I thought the hippies of the 60's and 70's were all about power to the peeples and get the commies out of our lives
    so, what happened?

    okay. really going now. I have to poop in my box now and stink up the house.

  4. Given the choice between the MSM and News Busted, I pick News Busted every time.

    Thanks, Odie!

  5. Pierro, Bonks to you too ... I'll check those out.

  6. Pierro, They are commies because the do all for you, at you, and without your permission. It allows them to make everyone the same by bringing everyone down.

  7. LL, Common sense and humor, can't beat the combination.


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