Monday, September 6, 2010

Ground Zero

IF it is true that the mosque near Ground Zero is to promote tolerance;
I think that a gay nightclub be opened next door to the mosque. 
Two names suggested are "Turban Cowboy", or "You Mecca Me Hot".

On the other side they should open a butcher 
shop that only sells Pork.

And across the street a store that sells and displays 
bikinis or ladies lingerie featuring Live Nude Models.

Aren't we all for promoting tolerance?


  1. I think that would be a very popular area if all those other sites opened.

  2. The entire site should be desecrated with pig's blood and body parts.

    This practice has been an effective deterrent in the past.

  3. Opie,

    Wow, I am with ya!

    That is what I call an affirmative action plan!

  4. It's the same constitution that affords them the right to have the mosque that gives the rest of these enterprises the right to exist... And you thought the founding fathers were prudes...

  5. I say make it a gay/lesbian pork rib BBQ nightclub with Matzah Ball Wednesday Night Specials. Call it Allah's Cabana Sex Toy.

  6. I enjoyed reading the comments here too

    this idea sounds reasonable, woodsterman. I think these ideas will go over perfectly with the liberals too. I like the two names you can up with, heck just have two nightclubbies next to eachother

    boy I would love to have a comfy bench to sit on and watch all of the fun everyone would be having --- can you just imagine????


  7. ps: I like all of your other pages.
    Your woodwork pieces are marvelous.
    Your tea party page is very cool.
    I like the banners. Mom printed out the NO-vember one and put it on her car window. Her hubby wont let her put bumper stickers on :-P so she taped it on the inside. looks good.

    bonks and thanks

  8. "You Mecca Me Hot"

    As I mentioned on the other link accidentally, this is the single best name ever for a Muslim Strip club, or any strip club.

    Pics of the signage???

  9. ..actually, Odie, since Bloomberg doesn't give a fig about keeping this site sacrosanct -- it still looks like the day after the ragheads took down the twin towers -- they ought to turn it into a porno district replete with the peep shows, sex shops, street walkers, and the like.

    That ought to attract a ton of camel drivers to that 13-story Y-M-MOOZ-Lem-Ass'n chateau for their daily butt-sniffing ceremonies.

  10. Bunni, I wouldn't put it past some like us to make it happen.

  11. Yes Opie, it was general Persing (I think) in the early 1900's.

  12. Christopher, It needs to be televised when it's done. They won't come anywhere near it.

  13. Born Again, never prudes ... God fearing men that know a good time.

  14. Sig94, Sounds great ... let's get that going.

  15. Pierro, the old fly on the wall trick huh? It would be a hoot.

  16. Pierro, Thanks for looking around. There are other things to find if you sneak down the sidebar.

    I must admit, I haven't thought of printing out my NOvenber sign. I need to do that and tape it to the inside of my campershell window. Thank you so much. I think coming soon, a larger printable one ... say 8"x8".

  17. Righty, you're an "ideas man", huh? "You Mecca Me Hot" should be here shortly.

  18. I am all for promoting tolerance, Odie. You ideas definitely fal in line with promoting tolerance from everyone.

    I love this suggestion -- "You Mecca Me Hot"

    I thought of Humpety Hump Camel as a name for the gay nightclub.

  19. Teresa, Something like the Humpety Hump Camel would certainly work on some Arab's feminine side.


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