Wednesday, October 12, 2011

< < < < There's Been A Change There


If you look to the left, I've withdrawn my support for
Michele Bachmann. The little "Feisty One" just can't
keep her foot out of her mouth. 

I've decided to stay out of the fray until there is a 
winner, and then jump in with both feet. I will vote
Conservative in the California Primary, and Mitt is
NOT one. 

My main GOAL is to beat Obama in 2012. If the 
Republicans pick Mitt I'll hold my nose and vote for
him. Please, if you love this country as I do, don't
stay home or vote for an independent.

This was posted from the Gold Country with a Sloooow connection.

UPDATE: A few of you misunderstood me, I guess. I didn't say
I wouldn't vote for Michele Bachmann (I love the woman). I just meant I 
wasn't going to openly support any candidate on these pages.


  1. I am in full agreement with you, Odie. What did she say to turn you off?

    At this point I think Mickey Mouse would do a better job than Obama.

  2. Agreed. The whole thing is so unbelievable... With Obama ruining everything he touches and his popularity in the toilet, we have a golden opportunity to really select a serious conservative reformer.

    Unfortunately, we ain't got one on the menu.

  3. I will not vote for Romney or Perry in the primary, but you're right. BO has to go, so I'll vote for anyone (GOP only) who runs against him. NO THIRD PARTIES! (and of course, no way in hell am I staying home)

  4. Odie,

    I understand your feelings as well. It's sorta depressing to see Ms Bachmann flame out like this but I am sure she will get her voice back. It's why you have to have experience at running for the big time like this.

    In any event, thank you for your staunch A.B.O. stand and recommending that others cast their votes in the general eleciton with that in mind.

    You are a one terrific person!

  5. I'm glad you've seen the light, Odie!

    She wouldn't have stood a chance against obummer, as bad as he is.

    No matter who the R nominee is, we HAVE TO VOTE FOR THEM! Even if a person is on their death bed, they have to get out & vote in Nov. 2012 for the REP!

    I was watching charlie rose 2-day (a flaming lib boot licker, but you find out their strategy from that show) , who had a round table with a bunch of talking head libtards dissecting the debate, and how o's in BIG trouble and one of the libtards admitted the only way barky can win is IF THERE IS A 3rd PARTY Candidate in there, to SPLIT THE VOTE....then the bum could win with 42%! THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN, or we're done for!

    Just guessing, was it that "666" comment? She does make herself look crazy most of the time lately.

  6. Ditto. I have voted for Pat Buchanan (as a Republican) and Steve Forbes, and I can't remember if I pulled it (or filled in the dot) for Ron Paul or Fred I can throw my primary vote away with a vote for a Bachmann, or...well who is the conservative if she is not?

  7. I'm not supporting any candidate yet, either...mainly because I haven't made up my mind. Every time I watch a debate, it helps. I do know who I don't like.
    But I will be voting for whoever the GOP candidate is in November 2012.

  8. Teresa, The crack she made about 999 inverted being 666. enough is enough, and all she did is give the MSM ammo!

  9. Bunni, That was the comment alright. Keep those Indis out!

  10. Race, there's a few. I didn't say I wouldn't vote for Buchmann, I'm just not flying her banner here. The California Primary is a long way off. I wanted to vote for Fred Thompson too, but he dropped out WAY before it got to California.

  11. Lady, I'm dropping back and punting for awhile. I'm going to let the dust settle for a bit as one might put it.

  12. I don;t blame ya Odie. Let them gnaw on each other for a spell and see who still looks good when they're done. Then back him (or her) to the hilt. Obama must go!

  13. "...withdrawn my support for
    Michele Bachmann"

    That'll teach her.

  14. I hear what you're saying, Odie, and I mostly agree with you. However, here's my thought on this. An 0bama re-election means our country goes straight down the shitter. A RINO means that we're still heading down the shitter, it's just a slower swirl*. The only way we can really recover from this disaster is to have a true conservative win the White House. I'm still weighing the options about next November.

    *If we get a RINO in the White House next year and it's more (just slower) of the disaster, that gives the hard left more ammo against us in 2016.

    The Camp of the Saints, Bob Belvedere, said this better than I can. I'll try to find the link.

  15. Bob said, "It may well be enough to get a Republican elected because things are so bad, people are so fed up with the bumbling jug-eared fool in The White House, and many, I think, will be turned off by what a negative campaign he and his minions wage, but I have serious doubts that it will give whoever it is the critical mandate to do what is necessary to start fixing the bad mess we’re in. Factor in that a Mitt Romney or a Rick Perry don’t ‘get it’, that they don’t understand that the situation is so dire, and the best you can hope for is that they will slow down our speed on the road to ruin and collapse."

    I don't think this is the post I was thinking about but it's close. The whole blog post is at Spot on.

  16. I frankly don't know who to support. Michele Bachmann wasn't my pick, though I do identify with her scrappy spirit. I don't think that she was presidential material. I feel the same way about Ron Paul.

  17. I would never stay home, and like you if it were Mitt I would reluctantly pull the lever. Right now I leaning toward Citizen Cain(not Kane).

  18. It is sad to see her taking this sort of course. I had higher hopes for her.

    Romney is Romney Care, it is also Obama Care on a state level.

    No Mitt for me, ever.

  19. Sig94, there's a lot of time to watch the candidates yet.

  20. Ima, Ima, Ima, relax girl. I'm a Conservative through and through. I just don't wish to openly support a candidate on these pages at this time. Michele Bachmann didn't lose me, she just quieted me down.

    The Republican Party has been eating their own for far too long. I'm waiting until they're all full.

  21. LL, I love her scrappiness. I just wish she'd use it on Obama and the MSM instead of her fellow Republicans.

  22. Admiral, as you know he's my last choice too, but .....

  23. I reluctantly gave up on Michele some time back. I see that old Newton has moved up over Perry in the polls...stranger things have happened and will continue this year. I stil say I will vote for that Republican can of tuna over there!

  24. Scott, tuna works for me too, ifin it has an 'R' on the can.


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