Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NewsBusted 10/11/11 ~ NewsBusters.org

 The little woman and I are taking a few days
and visiting the Gold Country. They're supposed
to have internet, but just in case I preposted ...
This is a test.

I almost forgot ... a little A$$hole called me a Nazi on my
YouTube page the other day. My channel is very mild
compared to some. It's OK, he's banned from commenting
and his comment was erased ... little twit!


  1. I hope you're having a great time!

    And twits that use Nazi as an insult typically don't understand what a Nazi is.


  2. Brooke, we haven't quite left yet. Leaving in a couple of hours. We're packing the motorhome now.

    The little twit didn't care for me liking all the NewsBusted videos.

  3. Panning for gold? I will take a bag...

  4. Checked out your "Utube Place" looks great Oldie. When you get the time drop by my Guns and Bikinis site.

  5. Okay, I do not know where you are going.... are you going to a Occupy rally? LOLOLOLOL just kitty-ing
    Have a safe trip and loads of FUN

    ps#1 We did not know you had a youtube page
    ps#2 mom dug out her olde watch band that her oldest sister gave to her back in the big sister's hippie days (sister is not alive anymore :-( she died from smoking at age 48) anyway, mom has that watch band, it is made from leather. It is snazzy and cool but the leather is kinda dry, she will send you a pic via email if you like.
    Question: do you know any good leather crafty peeps that make these nice "tooled" watch bands. or other kinda snazzy watch bands?
    Mom has her daddy's olde watch, a seiko "self winding" it is super cool. In face she is wearing it as she is typing my dictation right here.

    big bonks California Peeps

  6. Randy, I need you to pay the shipping though.

  7. Will do Ron. I left you a message at YouTube.

  8. Pierro's Mom, I'm at the rally now ...LOL

    I tool leather and make belts and watch bands and such. How did you know to ask me?

  9. In a battle of wits, the first person to say Nazi-Hitler loses.

  10. Shame Woodie, you should have posted his Youtube addy for us to have some fun with.

  11. I am catching up after a busy week.

    Wow, she was on it.

  12. Admiral, there's a lot of that busy going around.


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