Thursday, December 21, 2023

Weller, Weller, Weller, It's Libturd Thursday ~ A


Thanks FBers


  1. Also why they want to shut down the 'Net. Guys like Odie are the modern tavern keepers.

  2. I get the part about the left being hypocrites when it comes to anything especially the environment. They squeal, complain, and cry to get something stopped and then turn right around and do something very similar and find a way to justify it. They'll never be satisfied. The idiots blocking roads, attacking oil rigs, etc. don't get the fact that they are merely useful idiots. Neither will they never understand the grand scheme that global warming/green energy is a hoax to raise taxes, divert money to their friends in the green energy business, and control people. They fail to grasp the concept that every single plant on the planet needs Carbon dioxide.
    I know what you mean edutcher. I always thought of Woodsterman's page as "Poor Richard's Almanac". LOL

    1. Jeffery in Alabama, It's easy to see why schools are the way they are. Producing the sheep for the "elites".

      "Poor Richard's Almanac" ... thank you ... You crack me up.

  3. +1 the comments.
    Some good here as always, Odie.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  4. unfortunately the jews have long intermixed with their so-called edomite enemies. thats why jews trace things in matrilineal fashion. / the romans named it palestine (which it had also always been called) and it stuck till rothschild make uk and us create modern fake khazar israel. khazars were ukes who converted in the 700s. so when they get criticized for killing, they call people anti-semites. cog dis.

  5. Just remember he said it, you'll be hearing more about it soon.


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