Thursday, December 7, 2023

I Loves Me Some Libturd Thursday ~ A


Thanks Skip and FBers


  1. How do we fix judicial corruption? A rope and a tree comes to mind.

  2. Replies
    1. edutcher, that last one is very important. But Bradon is giving all the VA money away.

  3. In 21 years in the USAF I was deployed at Thanksgiving or Christmas 4 times. Three times to the SW Asia/middle East and once to a worse place, Syracuse NY in December to the second week of March. I was backfill for an unit that was deployed to the middle East. I froze my a$$ off for the three and a half months I was there. I was the senior ranking NCO for the Wing as an E-7 Master Sargent. All the top NCO's deployed. My guess was they wanted to escape the brutal winter in NY. As soon as they were gone I had a E-2 Airman assigned to be my driver for the Suburban that I commandeered. I had a nicer ride than the Major that had been left behind to be in command. Rank has it's privilege's and I pushed it to the limit in NY.

    1. tsquared, why would anyone live in NY? I'll never understand it.


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