Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Just Heard About Our Friend Scott

Scott, a blogger friend of ours passed away on September 16th.
I first heard of this about 10 minutes ago. I decided to visit his
Facebook page to see where he's been. Bang, right between my
eyes it hit. There was a death notice to his friends from his
daughter, Marsha. 

 His blog was: 
"Scotty's Dreamworld" Formerly "The Scottcrap Dream" (LINK)

His Facebook Page:

Scotty me Friend I will miss you. I've enjoyed our friendship
of these four years so very much.  

As I used to answer so many of your comments here:
"Scotty, beam me up." 


  1. I'm so sorry Odie. I've lost a few blogging buddies in the past. It's not pleasant by any means.

    Have a great day. :)

  2. Too bad. From what little I knew of him, he was a good guy!

  3. We will all miss Scott. The world's a poorer place without him.

  4. This is so shocking and so sudden. My best to his family and friends.

  5. Scotty was one of the first followers of my blog. I am truly sadden to hear of his passing.

  6. We're losing so many of the good ones.

    I recently said goodbye to George M. Roper. **sigh**

  7. Really hate to hear that about Scott. Best wishes to his family.

  8. Thanks for the info Odie, I just saw your comment on his site and followed over here. Damn. He would stop by once in awhile and comment at my place. Sad


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