Wednesday, July 10, 2024

I Would Have It No Other Way ... The Skipism ~ PM


Thanks Skip


  1. 4 mil of our money. Where, dare I ask, is Fake News?

  2. no, zelensky didn't buy a bugatti. or any car.

    do you fall for every russian crap that comes down the pike?

    he didn't buy 2 superyachts either.

    he didn't buy the Highgrove House

    and while I'm at it there are no genetically modified mosquitos that make russians love alcohol with a bite, no genetically engineered attack geese, Azov battalion are vikings, not nazis, the "biolabs" have been there since the 1950's and do soil analysis and crop diseases, and were a goodwill gesture from america.

    oh and how exactly does one "launder" a howitzer?

    I think I've covered everything.

    1. Allen, You believe your propaganda and I'll believe mine.

    2. Hi Hillary. Nice of you to stop by. Say hi to Billy.

  3. And the same idiots will be joyful to vote for whatever fascist they put in his place.


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