Sunday, June 23, 2024

It Must Be Funday ~ PM


Thanks FBers


  1. Back in the early 70's, my wife and I were trying to conceive. Doctor suggested a sperm sample. So...I got one, put it in a cup and sped to the Doctor's office as he said it had to be relatively fresh. Get to the office and there must be 20 people in the room. I walk up to the window with my little brown bag with the container and whisper to the receptionist..."dropping off a sperm sample." she says, "What"? I whisper again "sperm sample". She says at almost the top of her voice, "Oh, a SPERM SAMPLE! IS IT FRESH? Everybody's eyes are all on me. So I said to her, YES, IT'S FRESH, i JUST GOT IT IN THE ELEVATOR ON THE WAY IN HERE!

  2. When the Aggies play Arkansas every year at Cowboys AT&T Stadium in Arlington they are playing in a lower capacity field than their home at Kyle. George can draw a crowd.

  3. I had a photo, autograph of Dan Blocker when I was a very young kid. Just thought I would let someone know...

  4. Lotsa guys think a woman can be well-endowed below the waist.

    Hi, Pa; hi, boys; where's Cousin Will?


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