Friday, June 21, 2024

I Loves Me These Funderwhoopee Fridays ~ PM


Thanks FBers


  1. Wait till next year and he'll invade France.

    1. But the defense industry in the United States would love it. And of course just like FDR, it would make the economy take off, making FJB a hero.

    2. Pigpen51, we don't need brandon looking like a hero.

  2. 2. Chuckle.
    5. Small chuckle.
    8. Good one
    Last one is probably near a high school.
    Thank you, Odie.
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. LindaG, I thought it was near an adult video store.

    2. But what I meant was the video store was probably built near a high school.
      Happened like that when I lived in NC. Old gas station not even a block from the high school was bought/used by someone for an adult book/movie store.
      A lot of people were unhappy about that.
      Have a blessed weekend!


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