Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Wednesday Skipisms ~ Part 1


Thanks Skip


  1. Car. Just above center and 1" in from the right.

  2. Good ones.

    Drafting the tattooed ones can also save them on camo.

    Yea, stupid people do consider themselves genius. Smart people have a clue how much there is that they have no idea about.

    1. Kid, brings back the old term, "Dough Boys".

    2. Bill Chunko, showing your age? Doughboy is the term for infantrymen during WWI.

  3. "I'll take the headache medicine that starts with Jack and ends with Daniels."
    I agree with both IRS ones and with edutcher on homeschooling.

    If all the snails have an S on them are they all "S-car-goes"?

  4. Y’all notice how if you take out the space in “the irs”, the name is most apropos?

    Oh, yeah: took me about 3 minutes to find the car.


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