Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thursday Skipisms ~ 1


Hi Boys and Girls, I've been slow on the uptake

with comments and the like. I'm recovering from

hernia surgery on Monday. I kind of feel punk

and am not giving this site 100%. I'm feeling

better everyday.

Thanks Skip


  1. Every surgery is hard to get back from when we get older, i know i dread them. Glad you are starting to get better and back in the swing.

    1. episode4, thank you! I'm feeling much better today.

  2. Getting better is your first priority.

    And the juxtaposition of the cat is genius.

    Mrs Odie running the site for you?

  3. Hello

    I would like to talk to you about joining our class action lawsuit againts the makers of the hernia mesh implant that you may have received as a result of your recent surgery.
    HaHa....Just kidding.....Get well soon!


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