Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy St Paddy's Day, #45

 Thanks Paul!


  1. Love the sandwich and love President Trump.

    Have a fabulous day, Odie. ♥

    1. Sandee, there's a lot of good lovin going on there.

  2. That last one is funny.

    At this point I think Trump should have mostly stayed away from social media. Only use it to announce actions taken for the benefit of America.
    Too many people focus on personality and words, especially women.

    They need someone who they'd invite to read them a night night story. Is what it is.

    1. Trump is not gone because of social media.

      He's gone because he put the people first.

    2. Kid, I enjoyed him on social media. It was good to here MY president stick up for himself.

    3. Me too Woodie, Me too.
      As absurd as it sounds there were enough 'voters' that while they may not have voted Biden, they didn't vote Trump either. Underwear twisted, mostly female likely imo - or overly religious to the point that they couldn't vote for a man that actually had consensual sex with women.

      Lot of people messed up in the head out there Odie. Too friggin many.

      And now a bunch of em running around thinking the GOP will "save us" if we just give em the majority agian somehow (so they can laugh and give us the finger like they did every other time we gave em the majority)

      Audio/Video GOP Aid

      Still, I'll take the Temporary lower taxes and gas prices they do provide.


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