Sunday, March 20, 2022

Happy Funday Everbody ~ 1


Thanks FBers


  1. You have to be a programmer to really appreciate that last one.

    1. I remember, after a particularly ill timed BSOD, and repeated attempts to restart, celebrating a slightly different noise from the hard drive. So no, that one hit home for me too.

    2. One hundred little bugs in the code, one hundred little bugs. Fix one bug, recompile - one hundred and one little bugs in the code.

    3. Pointing&Laughing, is that a little reverse on "One Hundred Bottles of Beer"?

    4. Retired software engineer. Yes, been using that little ditty since the 70s.

  2. Hell yeah. Error messages.
    Oh anti-tank resupply awesome. Ukrainaian farmer "Hello Finland?


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