Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Tuesday Skipism ~ Two

 Thanks Skip


  1. I can't say if Stewart AFB was a NORAD facility back in the 60s, but by the mid 70s the place was out of business. We used the runway as a drag strip, and local pilots would land there for fun in the daytime. In the 80s it became an Air Guard base for transport and refueling planes, and is now also an overflow airport for the NYC/NJ big airports. AFAIK there is no active defense stuff there. No fighters, no AA missiles. The Marines have a few helicopters, probably not armed.

    10 minutes after the two Logan flights crossed paths the first plane hit the WTC and that was the first inkling anyone had that there might be a problem. Half an hour later when the 2nd plane hit it was obvious and THEN the military kicked into high gear.

  2. Now those are some good ones. Especially the coherent sentensces one.

    9/11 - Who knows the details really. What I do know is the "intelligence agencies' especially the FBI FUBARed the hell out of it. People believe the FBI is a bona-fide US protection agency but they're not worth the paper they're printed on.

    Russia (if you believe it) gave us all the details of this attack prior to it happening and nothing was done. 2973 people murdered as a direct result.

    Then for lack of a coherent response, we went to Afghanistan for 20 years, kiilling and maiming more Americans for nothing. Actually lost ground in the process. Leave billions in modern weapons and tons of cash for the taliban when we leave.

    Should have nuked Mecca soon after 9/11 and lets get this thing on.

  3. Stewart is an ANG (Air National Guard) base. It is the base of the 105th Airlift Wing (105 AW), an Air Mobility Command unit of the New York Air National Guard. They have cargo planes stationed there. It has NEVER been part of NORAD.

    1. cposchmidt, thank you for our continuing education.


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