Monday, May 31, 2021

It's Memorial Day


Hi all, As a strictly American holiday, Memorial Day

is as much American as Mom's Apple Pie. This is something

your statue tearing down crowd will never understand. We

honor those who gave everything so that the rest of us can

enjoy our freedoms. 

This day, like all past Memorial Days, I personally honor my 

best friend growing up who's name is on the "Wall". His name

is "William Ivan Mercer". He lost his life shielding another

from enemy fire while tending his wounds. He was a Navy Medic

attached to the Marines. 

So, today this Vietnam Veteran, solutes Bill and all of his brother

and sister souls in Heaven. God Bless You and Thank You! 

Bill's Pallbearers. I would be the one in uniform.  

The Wall

I can feel every gut wrenching tear

Too Many So Young

My President Honoring Memorial Day


  1. Navy enlisted medical personnel are called Corpsmen. Their official Navy designator is Hospital Corpsmen.

    Many of us go through additional traing and qualify for the Fleet Marine Force Warfare Specialist designator.

    My time being "doc" to my Marines was the most fulfilling in my career.

    Today is special. I'll be spending time with a few WWII vets at the nearby National Cemetery commemorating those who gave all.

    1. Mike, we loved our Corpsmen. Thank you brother.

    2. Mike, Thank you Doc! Bill was also Doc.

  2. Read a book where the author noted the quickest way to turn a goofy 18 year old into a man was to make him a medic.

    They took it seriously.

    It's often said they gave their lives, but, in truth, those lives were taken from them.

    I always try to remember that.

  3. The picture of the young boy being handed the flag by the Marine Officer came out while I was still in uniform. That picture tears me up inside every time I see it as my son was the same age as that young man when I was in and i could see that being him.

  4. RIP William Mercer. We will never ever forget.

    One of our Air Force family friends was Lt. Col Robert D. Morrissey who was lost in an F-111 shootdown over Laos on November 7, 1972 and is listed as Missing in Action to this vey day. His wife recently passed on without ever knowing for sure what happened. The pain a family goes through in an MIA case is something I saw first hand as a kid.

    Lt. Col Robert Morrissey Panel 1W, Line 90 of The Wall. I've visited many times and any body who has not needs to take the time and go.

  5. I tried to share this on faceless book, but they said your URL goes against their community standards on spam.

    Guess they can't handle a little fun and truth.

    God bless all who have gone before, their families, and all in service now.

    1. LindaG, FB doesn't like me anymore. I'll see what I can do.

  6. As stated, a uniquely American holiday. It is also becoming a holiday not appreciated by many. The idiot VP proves that point. I have had to gently correct many of the younger generation this holiday is not for those of us vets still around, but for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    1. PACNW Rightly, We have to just keep hammering away at it.

  7. Woodster! FB doesn't like you anymore? How flattering to you!!
    Thanks for letting us know about Bill Mercer...I'm saying a prayer. Beautiful post; I'm so glad I came by.
    I love a man in uniform :-) !!!!

    1. Z, I'm so glad that you did stop by. You show a heck of a lot more sense than Facebook.

  8. All the best to you and Bill Mercer. I think he is doing Ok now.

  9. I am a Kiwi, and we sent troops to support the USA in the Vietnam war. I thank them, and you all for your service, and I for one remember the fallen with somber reverence. Thank you all again.

    1. lofty, thank you! I saw many other countries represented there. I never ran across any Kiwi's that I can remember. Thank them for me if you ran into any.

  10. Yes sir I sure will. I know a few Gunners, and I will have a beer for you with them at some stage.


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