Sunday, May 30, 2021

It's Funday Afternoon

 Thanks FBers


  1. Hahaha! A lot of good ones this afternoon. Thanks, Odie. :-)

  2. North Texas here. That guy on the lawn mower could just as easily be me on my John Deere E140. It. Will. Not. Stop. Raining. Also it's May 30 and there is an actual cool breeze blowing outside. WTF?

    Also - as far as boat plugs are concerned, as long as you keep moving you won't take on too much water. It's when you get to the fishing spot and stop that the boat begins to sink. Ask ye not how I have acquired this nautical wisdom.

    1. Mikey, those boat plugs are nasty little effers.

  3. True on Oklahoma. Been through there 4 times going cross country and it rained from border to border without fail.

  4. 8s are the ones with the hourglass curves and the properly abundant cushions.


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