Tuesday, May 11, 2021

An Afternoon With Skip


Thanks Skip!


  1. Then there's the day Henry Ford died and St Peter said, "You've done so much for Mankind, you can hang with anybody in the place".

    So Ford goes to hang with Adam. Ford says, "You're Adam, right? Inventor of the woman?".

    Adam says, Well, sort of.

    So Ford says, "Well, I'm Henry Ford and I've got a critique of your invention, from an engineering standpoint. It chatters at high speed, there's too much front end protrusion, and the rear wobbles way too much".

    So Adam walks over to Albert Einstein and Grace Hopper who run the Heavenly Computer and makes a request. A minute later he comes back and says, "While all you say may be right, at last count, more men are riding my invention that are riding yours".

  2. educhter: Very good. Reminds me of how aerodynamic engineers describe women:
    Sometimes the most aerodynamic shape gives the most resistence.

    "I'll Try" I think we all feel that way somedays.

    Slides: sit on a piece of wax paper and then go down a metal slide. Increases the thrill factor a bit.

    Thanks for finding these.

    1. mer, you bet, and enjoy your slide. That wax paper also improves the ride for the next person.

  3. Wife and I were discussing this earlier today, especially the slides.
    Think about it: that slide was the standard during the "Boomer" generation and somehow the Boomers survived. Since it's "common knowledge" amongst the youths "how stupid and useless Boomers are" (I mean "Ok Boomer" is somehow an insult?) none of the Boomers should have survived.


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