Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Let's Salute Nancy, Joe, and Chucky With Liburds~ 1

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  1. The first is why, come the nice weather, you're going to see a lot of people marching on DC and the last isn't really true.

    The Demos got killed in the election and couldn't win without millions of votes emailed from Red China.

    1. edutcher, he did play about 40 million voters, but, you're right, the Chinese are who beat Trump.

    2. I don't think so. You can do the math on how many people did what.

      In '19, there was a pool of 255 million people of voting age. About half, as a rule of thumb, are registered; some say a little less than that, Pew said about 55%, but that's a real outlier, so consider the source.

      Gives you a potential of 127 million.

      2/3 of that figure vote in the Presidential elections, except for the places where they jacked up the ante.

      Gives you about 84 million.

      If, as even Fake News concedes, Trump got 74 million votes, it comes out Joe and the Ho got about 10 mil.

      If you accept Fake News' tally of 153 million votes cast and the Census' claim of 60% of the voter pool being registered, it would mean 100% of the turnout went for the lying dogfaced pony soldier.

      Do you believe that?

  2. educher, I'd also add the Dominion voting software, which was programmed so a vote for President Trump was counted as a vote for Biden. It was intended to come out as a 48 - President Trump to 52 - Biden "win" for Biden, until the Trumpslide caused them to change the algorithm at 2am, leading to the Biden voting jump. We have now reached Venezuela levels of voting fraud (also a Dominion voting software user).

    Note the same thing happened in Georgia, where the Republican Senators were winning until 12 midnight, and suddenly, there was a Democrat jump leading to the Democrats, "winning". The Georgia Secretary of State was gleeful over the steal.

    We are not going to vote our way out of this, as long as our enemies are the ones who count the votes. Or as Stalin noted, "It doesn't matter how you vote, it only matters who counts the votes."

    1. Dr Evil pulled the same stunt on Romney in '12.

  3. Can you imagine trying to make Spanky and Our Gang now?
    Good ones, Odie. Thanks!

  4. Look. AOC is a fucking idiot but she never made the "Auschwitz look like a picnic" tweet. Did not happen. I hate fake news from any side. I'm to the point where I fact check if the sun is coming up in the morning because of this crap.


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