Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Joe and Other Libturds ~ 1


Thanks FBers


  1. Take away the income tax and we wouldn't be sending money to anybody.

  2. Writing as a Zionist Jew, I would vote for no foreign aid to anyone INCLUDING Israel. I say this because, among other things, that aid is like crack and keeps Israel dependent on the US.

    The one quibble, and this would have to be addressed, is that some of that aid was a commitment made to help Israel hand back the Sinai in the Israel-Egypt accord. But even that could, properly done, be phased out somehow.

    And... by doing so, it would eliminate one of the "alt right" complaints about Israel.

    1. NITZAKHON, You sound like the expert, so I'll leave it in your hands.

  3. Pakistan using 'gener studies' foreign aid to teach male moslem vermin how to properly beat their women.

  4. Haha. Good ones. Going to steal one for my fb page.


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