Sunday, February 14, 2021

A Gift From Corporal Walsh's Ghost

I posted this two days ago and received the following comment: 


Bicycle story...

Used to work offshore, got off the tug once and visited my friend just outside of Naples. Got there right in the middle of a party. Sometime just before midnight a tooth I had been having problems with (I eventually pulled it myself with some pliers and 21 year old scotch, but I digress), started acting up.

Everyone including myself was way too hammered to drive me to the ER. So I commandeered somebody's bike and some how got all the way into town from out in the glades to a hospital I didn't know the address of, in a town I had never been to.

Nurses took one look at my swollen jaw ( I had been using duct tape offshore across my face to keep the howling winds from blowing on my infected tooth), and shot we full of happy juice.

I don't know what it was but I do know the doctor entered through a black portal that suddenly opened on the far wall in a burst of light and spoke to me in a strange tinny, Donald Duck meets spaceman accent before gliding backwards into infinity. I do remember somebody depositing a large horse pill into my suddenly oversize hand and telling me DO NOT TAKE THIS TONIGHT! After which I lied to the nice lady, told her my friends were outside, walked out to my bike and swallowed the giant pill before hopping on my bike.

That is all I remember. I woke up in a sand trap with an elderly couple standing over me discussing the possibility that I was in fact dead. They nearly keeled over when I sat up. I hopped on the bike, gave them the queen's wave and somehow made it back to my friend's place. Later I was at the nearest 7/11 store and the middle eastern dude who ran the place told me that I had come by there at about 3am. He said watching me trying to get back on the bike while chasing it around in a circle was the most entertainment he'd had since he got here!



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