Thursday, December 24, 2020

Woodsterman's Christmas Eve Sing Along


Merry Christmas From Woodsterman, The Petersens, And Home Free


  1. Have a great Christmas Woodie.

  2. Dude, several months ago you gave me the best present possible in turning me on to the Petersen's. Amazing early Christmas gift!!!

    We even drove 1,300 miles round trip to see their shows in Branson in November. In a world of terrible horrible awful popular music (including country music) these days, they are an absolute pleasure to listen to.

    Honestly, in a not so great year of virus pandemics, race riots, and even cancer, they have been a light of sunshine!!! You are "the man" for posting their videos!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Merry Christmas, My Old Friend. Stay Warm.❤️

    1. Merry Christmas Jan! We're supposed to have a White Christmas today.

  4. Merry Christmas my dear, sweet friend. God bless us every one!


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