Thursday, December 31, 2020

Oh Boy It's Libturd Thursday ~ 1


I feel better now. Thanks Facebook Friends.


  1. Trump ain't done yet.

    If you think otherwise, ask yourself why Chlamydia has yet to resign her Senate seat.

    As for Fauxcahontas, 85% of people who wear masks get the Democrat-Wet-Dream-Flu.

  2. Very Good. That gun/bible thing really puts it home. It's in the constitution - keep ya damn hands off these two things.

  3. They are gonna have to pry my pistol, my bible and my rifle out of my desiccated, frozen corpse... If student loan recipients get their loans forgiven, I am demanding the few small students loans I signed for and PAYED off returned to me! Mine were less then $5000.00 as I worked my ass off as a nurses aide, lived at home and still paid rent while I was earning my first nursing degree. I got a degree that earned money after, not some queer basket weaving gender studies fake degree. ASSHOLES!


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