Thursday, December 3, 2020

So Let's Make Fun Of The Libturds ~ 2

 Thanks FBers


  1. On Biden's proposed policy for assault rifles.

    I have a couple of semi-automatic rifles. The semi-automatic rifle was available 30 years before the military adopted them. None of my rifles can operate in automatic machine gun mode. So I do not have any assault rifles.

    High capacity magazine. The standard capacity is 30 rounds. A high capacity magazine would be much more than 30 rounds.

    Tax on idiocy for not understanding "shall not be infringed"? A hammer to the forehead.

  2. Hey! I have sat at the cool table at many mental hospital cafeterias, it was cool cuz I was sitting there in charge... A fine, outstanding coterie of patients...

  3. tsquared, the uneducated want to lead through intimidation.

  4. Cederq, it's good for one to look back on his accomplishments.

  5. 3's a miracle there are that many and 4 really isn't true, but the Lefties like to believe it.

  6. edutcher, half of this country is lazy, and that's where the problem lies.


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