Friday, December 11, 2020

I Give You The "Skipism" ~ 1


Thanks Skip!


  1. I can identify with the prostate.


    and may the grandmas get one for Christmas.

  2. edutcher, they're in hiding at the moment.

  3. There's an extra layer of humor in the John Deere pic that has to do with with rural folk laughing at the dependencies of urban dwellers.

    As far as the diaper pins are concerned I had siblings up to 10 years younger that I helped out with and I remember that exactly. The funny thing was that my wife was the baby of her family and when our kids came along I taught her how to change them.

    Those Grandmas on the bridge are hilarious and are probably living their best lives. It's amazing how the ability to give a damn decreases with age. I called my 85 year old mother the other day and she said she couldn't talk right now because she was right in the middle of a poker game with money on the table.

  4. Mikey, God bless your mother. I lost all of my poker playing buddies to moving away. I'll be 74 next January and I need new poker players.

    The "Grandmas" on the bridge are hot! We grandpas know!

  5. I haven't seen a set of ignition points in years. It's true. High-risk group for me.


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