Monday, December 7, 2020

Never Forget! December 7, 1941


Well to be honest I hadn't forgotten. I went to another

blog this morning and read a comment on their Pearl

Harbor Remembrance Day post. This guy was really

pissed off at we other bloggers for not doing a 

Remembrance Day post.  I made a conscious decision

not to this year. I thought there would be enough of

it being posted around the Blogosphere.  You all know

that this blog is anything but unpatriotic.  Below is a

picture of my own flag at Half Staff. Please forgive this

little tantrum.


  1. True, oldvet, but we're still fighting that fight. Just Remember, it looked pretty damned bleak for about 6 months afterward.

    Most Baby Boomers know Pearl Harbor Day. The only ones who don't are the little Commies like Zippy who "get all wee-wee" (a grown man talks like that?) about what we did to the Nips (and the Krauts and we weren't even mad at them) because we could do it to the Commies to (we are however, wearing them down nicely).

    My memories to Bellinger, VanValkenburg, Dorris Miller, Don Stratton (do you know how badly that guy was burned and kept on going?), the guys caught flatfooted at Schofield and Hickam, Taylor and Welch (talk about guts), Joe Taussig and the guys on the Nevada, the guys on Battleship Row who were trapped (did you know 5 of the 6 ships that crossed the Nips' T at Surigao Strait were raised from the mud at Pearl?).

    We remember.

  2. oldvet1950, there's another one ... NEVER!

  3. I always thought the lower position on the flag holder was for variety in displaying the flag. Now I know it's for half mast. Duh.
    Thanks, Odie.

  4. Tripwire, I cheated. Mine came with instructions.

  5. Mike, I knew that. That was in the instructions also.

  6. In the Marines, it's half mast.


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