Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Libturd Wednesday Afternoon? Why Not!


Thanks FB Chums


  1. Yeah, Sergeant Carney was a member of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry. The action for which he was awarded his medal was the assault on Battery Wagner defending Charleston, S.C. The movie "Glory" is based on the action. The bronze base-relief of the unit located in Massachusetts was defaced by the BLM/Antifa crowd.

  2. I like them all, but my favorite is the last one.

    Have a fabulous evening, Odie. ☺

  3. Wolff, thanks for the history lesson. Figures Antifa and BLM would do that. They are all illiterate you know.

  4. Sandee, mine too. I try to put the best last.

  5. OK, I guess I'm hateful and intolerant.

    PS Buffalo soldiers were some of the best in the Army.


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