Tuesday, September 15, 2020

An Afternoon Skipism

 Thanks Skip


  1. #5 I haven't been on Facebook in about 6 or 7 years. I saw this shit coming looong ago. Screw their monopoly let's all go back to MySpace. It still exist right. I probably can't remember my password but they can send me a new one. I liked rhe name better anyway. MF this is my space and I will do what I want. If you get to close to my space tou may get knocked the F!#k out.

  2. I should probably proof read my fat finger phone keyboard rants. The & you. Surely by now you all now that rhe is the. We all have done it. And yess I did now instead of know on porpoise just like I did yess on PURPOSE.

  3. Hanging with Kamala would't be a Star Trek experience (going where no man has gone before). And you'd likely end up with a social disease that penicillin might have a difficult time killing.

    I'm not speaking as a man of experience, mind you. Just offering a warning. She heard about the Trump Train and was going to pull a train of her own to try and get votes on the tally sheet.

  4. Ned, I looked into Myspace a long time ago. If I joined I don't think I set anything up. Gab is also one to look into.

  5. LL, ah yes, the Skank Train. Did you ever wonder how many would it take to complete that train?


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