Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Libturds, Well Because There's So Many

Thanks Facebookers

Oh, excuse me while I go shovel more snow ... ENOUGH!


  1. I was giving those cow a run for their money yesterday; I hope AOC doesn't amend the GND Bill to eliminate old farts like me. :)

    Have a great day Odie.

  2. What happened?

    People kept voting D because Grandpa voted for Roosevelt.

    And I don't mean Teddy.

  3. I like Cortez's first bill.

    I heard the GOP wrote it. I also heard, via Congress Critter Al Green that it is Trump's fault leading people in Virginia are racist. Will we ever find the limits of human stupidity.

  4. Been having lots of rain down here in the valley, Odie. I can send it your way if you like?

  5. edutcher, My father often referred to FDR as "Pink".

  6. Proof, don't need it, but thanks anyway. In other words: Keep that fucking stuff!

  7. Another day of laughter,
    nervous laughter...

  8. Brig, scary stuff we don't want to leave the grandkids.


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