Friday, February 15, 2019


In case you haven't noticed I've been away
a bit. I've been busy with my favorite pastime,
moving snow around. 

The Mrs. and I moved into a place that doesn't
accommodate snow storage. This new place
can't handle a large snow lode on the roof. The
roof has been shoveled 4 times, Twice by me
and twice by hired help. 

This February will be one for the record books.
Below is a picture of the snow after the last storm.
After I cleaned that up a new series of storms
started Wednesday. I'm writing this Friday
afternoon and we've already gotten 4 feet.

I'll be quite busy and hope you understand 
my absence.  

That hump close and on the left is a snowblower.
Damn!! I need a snowblower to get to my snowblower!
Past the snowblower are ten foot walls of snow and
growing. If you like I can post more pictures after
this storm that "might" end Sunday night. Let Me Know.


  1. The coming ice age will have snowfalls like that in July. Just wait. The fun is yet to begin.

  2. Golly, is the Bronx Bolshevik right about climate change? Tee Hee.

    Sorry you've been inundated with all that frozen precipitation. Hope you've stocked your pantry. Don't want another Donner Party.

  3. Let me know if you need help Woodie. Nothing I love more than watching folks shovel snow. I will head up the hill with Rum and venison. (you do know where the BBQ is....right?)

  4. you need one of them flame throwers. clear that snow quick.

  5. Yep. Sunday is when I heard the storm's about to let up. "Two to four feet in the upper elevations", they said.
    I can sympathize, Odie. We had a hail storm down here, this AM, and it took actual minutes to melt!

  6. May I suggest wintering in Jamaica?

  7. Global warming. Oh wait, they have changed the term from global warming to Climate Change. It's hard to keep up.

    That's way too much snow and it's why I don't live in snow country. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day, Odie. ♥

  8. Curmudgeon, the pantry is stocked, but I do look at the Mrs. differently lately.

  9. Rumbear, The barbecue is on the covered porch, so it only gets 6 inches of wind blown snow. I could use a cheering section about now. You might have to wait for I-80 to open though.

  10. Proof, We got another foot overnight last night (instead of 3 feet - what an improvement.), so that picture is 5 feet out of date.

  11. edutcher, I'm ready for the Reno area, but the Mrs. is hard to convince.

  12. You need to move to where all those bad drivers live!
    (Life Sometimes Takes An Odd Turn...)

  13. Sandee, if we had a couple new dams we could capture some of this. But that's not in the liberal scheme of things.

    Weather report: It's 7:00 Saturday morning and it's still snowing. Ah, but it's coming down straight and not sideways. That's an improvement.

  14. Mac, I think those drivers are stuck on I-80 right now. They come up here to ski but get stuck on the roads and block our travel.

  15. odie, naw no flamethrowers. easy enough to make one though. weed sprayer, some gasoline and one of those barbecue lighters might work. at least, for a little while. you didn't hear it from me.

    I still have my eyebrows. those aren't painted on, I swear!

  16. Allen, I think I'll put the gasoline in the snowblower now that it's dug out. Thanks anyway.


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