Sunday, February 24, 2019

Question ... Guerrilla Mail?

Hello all,

Someone is sending things to me via Guerrillamail. 
I won't open them so please use your own email address
if you want me to look at them and post them. 


If you wish to be anonymous just say so and your name
will not be published. All of these have been deleted, so
you'll have to start over. 

For those who don't know Guerrilla Mail is a temporary email service that last for about an hour and is anonymous. I don't trust it and have trained my inbox to "Spam it".

Thanks, the management: 


  1. Guerrilla Mail? It could be Che Guevara trying to reach out from Hell.

  2. Just seen your wood work. If I ever hit the lottery, I'll buy you out. You are a true artist. Picasso was a con artist. I'm a BOB!
    Bitter Old Bastard not good with computers. What is your e-mail address?

  3. Call me BOB. Bitter Old Bastard that does not do well with computers.
    I seen your works of art, and can't afford them. You are an Artist,
    Picasso was a con artist. I hope you get to see this.

  4. Well Bitter Old Bastard, First, thank you very much for the compliments about my other labor of love, woodworking. This blog is of course one also.

    If you comment on an old post (one week or older) it goes to moderation. Keeps spam at bey. You're not peddling Reagan mail are you? You haven't looked hard enough for my email.


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