Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesdayishness . . . .

 This could have also been a Rule 5 Woodsterman Style Post.
 He came equipped with the buckets for his list.
 Thanks Bruce!
 That's got to be uncomfortable. Mickey, wiggle your ears.
And they will screw it up too!

Thanks Facebook Buddies!


  1. Don't worry Odie. The automated systems that will replace the numbnuts who screw up your burgers will still screw up your burgers.

  2. Curmudgeon, thanks that sounds promising.

  3. Don't show that first to The Blonde.

  4. People are just getting dumber and dumber aren't they. Yes they are.

    Have a fabulous day Odie. ☺

  5. See you have captured the "left" side of Bill and Killary... poor Mickey!

  6. See you have put out a call for Pickle Ball players in that first photo.!.

  7. I guess I'm too dumb to reply...

  8. edutcher, Is she a naked tennis player?

  9. Brighid, that's not their left side. That's plumb down the middle.


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