Friday, April 15, 2016

T.G.I. Fun F.

Thanks Facebook Buddies!


  1. BIG Songkran parties tonight! No kids allowed...

  2. Folks in North Carolina actually put the kaibash on The Boss' concert, because they just don't have the patience to listen to a liberal shout at them for two hours.

    They already went through that when Bernie was in town.

    And don't tell me that Bruce Springsteen 'sings.' We all know shouting when we hear it.

  3. I hope if I ever need a walker that I can get that peachy-keen model shown.


  4. Looks like North Carolina has figured out a way to keep weirdos out of their state. Not saying I agree with their stance, but this is funny.

    I'm twisted. Just wanted you to know. Not that this is any surprise.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend Odie. ☺

  5. Fredd, I'm with you. He's just a Hollywood type of that rolls up his shirt sleeves to hide his gayness.

  6. Sweet Pea, if it ever comes to that I will carry you.

  7. Sandee, I agree with their stance and I agree with your assessment.

  8. I read the first one before I realized I wasn't supposed to be able to!
    Bruce who?
    Have an awesome day, Odie!

  9. Brighid, I'm the same way. I find them very easy too.

    Bruce who? I don't have (or care) the foggiest.

  10. Springsteen, like many people who become famous via music or cinema, should be thankful and satisfied with their God-given talent and good fortune. However, many, such a s Bruce, believe fame and wealth automatically entitle them to be experts in the field of politics/social matters/etc. Check out this old video of Elvis Presley showing CLASS when asked about Vietnam War protesters.

    Long live the king of rock and roll!

  11. Jeffery, they're all trying to keep up with the Jane Fonda's of the world.

    Go Elvis ... a Veteran.


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