Friday, June 28, 2013

Hopefully He Stays

Little reason then why it costs us 
taxpayers an estimated $100,000,000 
to send our Dear leader to Africa for 
a one week holiday...hopefully he stays...

Hi All, Mrs. Woodsterman and I are doing
a show this weekend at sunny Lake Tahoe.
We have to start setting up today at
6:00 AM. So most of Woodsterman will be
prerecorded for your enjoyment. I won't
be able to get around much, so I'll catch
up on Monday.

I would like to thank Ron Russell (LINK 1)
and (LINK 2) For the BOY KING'S vacation pictures.

I would also like to thank "pacer1949" for
becoming my 200th follower. It's been
over 4 years in the making.


ALSO .... We're losing a blogging friend. 
Christopher has decided to hang things
up and attack the Left on a local level. I'll
miss him and I'll bet you will too. Go say
Farewell at (His Place)


  1. The empty chair should stay in Africa where he can revel in his roots, and do less damage. However if Biden took the helm of the ship of state, God only knows what that whack job would do?

  2. Odie,
    Good luck at the show!

    Thank you letting us know that Christopher is closing up shop. I'll miss his blog.

  3. AOW, thank you, and I'll miss him too.

  4. Have a great weekend Odie :)

  5. Good luck at selling in Sunny Lake Tahoe of your charming wares. I would love to hear a boots on the ground report how this years show compares to previous years.

    I will miss Christopher.

    I just love those arrows in the 3rd picture. Someone didn't think things through.

  6. Bon voyage Christopher.

    Good riddance Obama.

  7. I saw the "new and improved toilet facilities" that Ron put up yesterday...great. I have a feeling that none of these nations want HIM any hoo.

  8. It would be nice if our witless leader stayed in Africa. Forever.

    Love Ron's place.

    Have a successful show in Tahoe.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend too. ☺

  9. Thanks for the link! Wish I were going with you to the Lake. Would love to tip a cold one with you---who knows, maybe someday.

  10. Supi, I'll keep you posted on the show. the arrows I'll bet were there because it's the only way anyone can make the turns.

  11. Opie, we can hope as far as the boy king goes.

  12. Hope you sell lots of stuff at the show Odie.

    Obama would be doing this country a great service if he stayed in Africa.

  13. Sandee, I'll do my best to gitter done in Tahoe. VERY Slow on Friday.

  14. Ron, I look forward to it, but I'm afraid no tipping at a show. But heck, I'm only doing six this year.

  15. Teresa, I'm trying but the people we're cooperating yesterday.

  16. Is that Baracks dad riding in the trunk of the car?

  17. Joe, his dad is the one up side down on the railing.


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