Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hopefully He Stays II

Little reason then why it costs us 
taxpayers an estimated $100,000,000 
to send our Dear leader to Africa for 
a one week holiday...hopefully he stays...

Thanks Ron: (LINK 1) & (LINK 2)


Meanwhile back at home:  
A lot of you ask how's the show going. So,
I thought I'd give you a peak as to what it
looks like. I'm posting this Saturday
morning. Friday was very slow and we
only made one sale. The young babes in
bikinis kept my spirits up however. This
old man really enjoys that ... hence
the title: "Dirty Old Man"
This is our Gipsy looking booth.
 As you're looking at the booth, to the left, walk 100
feet, and you're standing here. Tough duty I know, but
someone has to do it. 

After working for the telephone company, outside in
the winters here, I don't feel a bit guilty. As you read this,
picture the old Woodsterman sitting back with his mint julep ... what ever that is.

If any of you are curious about this, check out my
sidebar. You'll figure it out.


  1. Is that Barack sitting on top of the telephone pole? Sure looks a lot like him.

    The one-week, $100 million vacation to explore Barack's and the Wookie's roots aside, you should be careful posting photos such as those that you did. He could relocate to Tahoe.

    The booth looks inviting and the scenery beyond even more so.

  2. I see the photo 3 has a rule 5 plastered on the side of building.

    Nice looking booth. I hate seeing you have slow sales. It is a beautiful view where you are at.

  3. LL, that is him in a "grass" induced stupor on that pole.

    I hope the NSA doesn't tell him about Tahoe.

  4. Thanks Odie, for following the new Constitution Coalition.
    You the Man!

  5. Jodie you are a true artist.

  6. Supi, Rule 5's and mint juleps make it all worth while.

  7. Opie, I'll answer for Jodie, thank you Ma'am.

  8. Our whatever he is in Washington D.C. can indeed stay in Africa. His homeland. do America a huge favor.

    Anytime you're having a cold adult beverage it's a good day.

    Have a fabulous Sunday. :)

  9. The VW Bar & Grill is actually kinda cool.

  10. They dont even want him in Afrreka!...pina colada for me plz!!! xoxox

  11. Everything is so neatly aligned in the booth. I sense the touch of a Mrs. Woodsterman in this!

  12. I admire a man who sacrifices for his art.

  13. I know about sales at those booths. I did that for a number of years---mostly in the early spring and summer months. I made hiking sticks from Mississippi sassafras (lots of "S's" in those two words. I also made indian smoking pipes---mostly young people who got them, as they were functional. Bet there are a lot of hot cuties around there. Oh, and thanks for the link.

  14. Sandee, one down and five to go. Each one ends with an adult beverage.

  15. Booti, I took that one in my back yard.

  16. Proof, sorry to rain on your parade, but I'm the straight line guy in the family. The booth has always been my design with Mrs. Woodsterman having veto power when it came to her display.

  17. edutcher, when you gotta you gotta. The next one is even tougher. Four days at a ski resort, on the Lake, in the motorhome. It's in Homewood on the west shore of Lake Tahoe and I love it.

  18. Ron, the babes in bikinis were amazing. It reminded me of a Rule 5.

  19. Nice booth. I would stop in if I saw it... your boxes are amazing :-)

  20. Miss K, thank you! Just a thousand miles away huh.


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