Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Land Cruiser VS. Well

 You'd  think that they'd at least put up a flag to let people  know there's
a 100m hole there. This happened in Saudi a few days ago.
In areas  where there is fresh water under ground the locals dig  wells
and support the sides with concrete and stones to keep the sand from
falling back in to the well. Some of these are up to 100 meters  deep.
This  particular one was 60 meters deep and 4 meters wide, located
outside the small town of Riyadh in the center of Saudi.

The  guys went out in the desert for a bit of 4X4 fun on a  Thursday when one of them
drove in  to the well and dropped 60 meters to the bottom with his V8  Cruiser.

Rescue  workers retrieved the car. The driver had a
mild concussion from hitting his head against the wind  screen.
Hard to believe he is  alive.

This is why Allah gave them camels.


  1. Good grief. That's almost 200 feet. How is it that he didn't get squished?

  2. He is lucky to be alive. Air bag deployed?

  3. Headache Omar? Looking for the 72 virgins? Too funny...

  4. Those are some UGLY men. UGLY. Three baggers if you ask me. Not very bright either. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day Odie. :)

  5. That's where all yhe young academic libs want to vacation...Looks like great fun!!!

  6. What a charmed life.

    Could you imagine the size of the bricks that were shat when he watched bottom coming up to meet him?

  7. Admiral, who cares they're Mooselimbs.

  8. This well may be part of a Qanat system, which is way cool:


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