Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Patriotism ~ A DaleToon

Dale at "Out of Order the Blog" (LINK)  created this Masterpiece.
His artwork is always the best. If you post this, 
please give him credit and a link back. 

This is Dale's attempt to immortalize  Andrew Breitbart 
... He nailed it! 


  1. Brooke, check his site, you'll be very impressed.

  2. That is one fine image! I'll put it up on Stop Obama in 2012 so I can really blow it up!

  3. You said it, sir.

    He nailed it - mind and body, heart and soul.

  4. Wow! That is a wonderful creation.

    "Big Patriot," indeed.

  5. Rightly, I'm considered an artist and I consider Dale the best I've seen.

  6. AOW alerted me to this and I've left a message to Dale that I've sent this to Andrew's in-laws, who are friends of mine.
    I'm certain they'll be sending this to A's wife.
    What a terrific image!

  7. Z, I'm sure Dale will be very honored. Thank You for finding it.

  8. Kid, because Andrew Breitbart isn't here to defend himself your comment was deleted.


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