Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Won't Hear This In Copenhagen


  1. That was really Interesting Odie!
    Thank goodness some people have the patience to conduct all these experiments!
    I'm going to send around to our Brit Blogging Pals, I think They'll find it interesting too!
    And on Twitter!

  2. Which is probably why Earth got all the big scarey monsters, dinosaurs, giant dragonflies and wotnot in times of massivly increased CO2 levels.

  3. Nice find, Odie, that should convince anyone who watches it that we've been lied to for years!

    I'm going to repost this over at my place with the usual hat tip and backlink.

  4. Banned, that spells healthier plants to eat. The Libs are an arrogant bunch to think they can control this magnificent planet's weather.

  5. Spidey, Have at it. This is a sharing, caring community. The more people hear of this the better. The EPA doesn't agree, but we've known they were morons for years.

  6. Hey Odie - you got a repost of this one at my place too. Great find.


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