Sunday, December 27, 2009

Proof The Irish Discovered Africa

Hat Tip to the man I stole this from,


  1. Nah, it proves that the Africans discovered Ireland.
    btw Woodsterman, in jolly old UK it would only take one Irishman, or indeed African, to " be offended " by that vid for you to be prosecuted for "racially aggravated Hate Crime". Really.

  2. The "Outlaw Woodsterman" ... I kind of like the sound of that, Banned.

  3. Hey Outlaws, that was funny!
    I'm sure obummers relatives are very offended, so
    screw them.

    bunni ha ha for today.

  4. I just checked it out Bunni. Have you made one yet? Yours, Outlaw Woodsterman.


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