Thursday, December 10, 2009

Enjoy Your Christmas Shopping

I thought I would bring back one of my first posts ... 
tis the season.


  1. Great video! That had me RFLMAO!

    I think that those two gave new meaning to the term cat fight.

  2. That one is one of my favorites of all time, Teresa.

    Meow ....

  3. Oh no she did'nt... hee hee.
    I missed this before!
    gotta love Lois.

    I'm glad I don't drive

  4. Meow Bunni, If you drove I could see you in this parking lot tiff.

  5. Most likely, Yes....Or, I would save myself the aggro and just let loose a few rounds in all four of the bimbo's tires....ha ha.

  6. One of my favorite shows! I used to watch this and King of The Hill everyday.

  7. Freakster, I can actually visualize that.

  8. freakn' hysterical! especially with the music in the background...

  9. Yes, and Merry Christmas to you too, Lisa and Todd.


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