Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun in Sweden ... Jah sure


  1. Jah, Jah, Jah! Sweden's got talent allright!

    After looking at asses all day long, these were MUCH better! You're getting better at picking chip n dud type guys, Odie! I say they are the honorary Chip and Dud Mascots! Great find....I hope Opie approves too...hee hee.

  2. Bunni, I don't know about Opie. I think she likes the Grizzly Adams type. You two have very different tastes in men. This is good, that means there is someone for everyone.

  3. I didn't understand most of the dialogue, but I did hear them say "tack so mycket" right at the end, which means thanks so much.

    Otherwise my reaction is Odie, "YER OUTTA CONTROL!" Which is something I usually say to the guys when they get out of control. ;-)

    As for chip n dud-ness and my own personal attraction-scale, I don't find myself liking the super young ones much, especially now that my older kids are entering their 20s. Makes me a little squeamish. I bet that Grizzly guy needs to be warmed up right about now....

  4. Since I don't have any kids....I'll be a cougar....hee hee!
    Keep up the good work, Odie....but don't do too much, people, like Freakster, are starting to wonder ???? heee heee

  5. Opie, Grizzly Adams looked like last weeks Chip'n Dud. I new the young boyishness of this video would bother you. That's one of the reasons I was laughing when I posted it.

  6. I just thought It would be "nice" to see what goes on in the talent shows in Sweden, Bunni.


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