Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Al Gore and the Man-Bear-Pig


  1. How can he save us from himself!
    AL GORE IS man bear pig.
    What a jerk!
    Good Find, Odie.

  2. Some how Bunni, I just knew you would like this one.

  3. "I'm trying to warn everyone but no one takes me cereal"

    "Now everyone takes me super super cereal... EXCELSIOR!"

  4. Freakster, you made a joke ... ha, ha, ha, I get jokes.

  5. I just want to look at Gore's financial statements from the past three weeks and find out if he's starting to lose money.

    He should be.

  6. Snarky, one can only hope. I hear Gropenhagen is in a mess too ... ah.


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