Monday, November 17, 2014


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Thank You Mr. Trailbee!


Update of the Update:
Hi boys and girls, A little explanation as to my absence as of
late. Remember the Mrs. Woodsterman's surgery? A pacemaker/defibrillator was installed. After that (Thursday
through Saturday) we (I) had the grandson while his father and mother went to Las Vegas where his father's band played. 

Well the good news (not really), The Mrs. pacemaker didn't
take. One of the leads to her heart can loose. So, Monday (today)
she gets to do it all over again. She is taking it very well, so
my happy face has to be on. She's a very tough old girl, and
she needs my strength and utmost attention.

I love you all! 

Update to the Update of the Update: 
Everything went well and she's coming out in a couple minutes. It's 2:05 pm PST ... Thank you all!!!!!   


  1. Sending thoughts, prayers and happy thoughts for you guys.

  2. Sorry to hear this. Prayers for you guys.

  3. Mrs. Woodsterman is in my thoughts and prayers. Tell her not to wiggle around so much this time. We love you Odie whole bunches and oodles.

    Take care and thanks for the update. God bless you and the missus.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this, Odie. Sending even more massive prayers for you both.

    Love the pic...

  5. Thank You Curmudgeon! Love you oodles too.

  6. Thank You Adrienne! The Boy King needs to smell more butts.

  7. I knew about your wife, but didn't know you were going to have a redo. Things will work out this time. You'll see.

    I agree on and amnesty.

    Have a blessed day you two. Big healing hugs. :)

  8. All the very best for a successful operation and speedy recovery for Mrs. Woodsterman.

  9. I'm sorry to hear Mrs. Woodsterman has to go through the procedure again. I'll add my good wishes to those above for her speedy recovery.

  10. Our VERY BEST wishes. So, like what were you guys doing that the wire got loose? Hey, just asking. :) Prayers are in order. I'm on it.

  11. Yikes!

    You and the missus are on my prayer list.

    Please update us when you can.

  12. Always a tough row to hoe, but you and the Mrs will make it.

    You're good people and you have lots of good people pulling for you.

  13. Thank You Trailbee! What any young married couple would do of course.

  14. Thank You AOW! Will do. She just went in about 45 minutes ago.

  15. Thank You edutcher! there's a bunch of you out there.

  16. Thanks for the update Odie. Glad everything turned out well. Get some rest, spoil the missus and remember our love for you.

  17. Lots of Prayers UP for both of you! You need anything, Please don't hesitate to holler this way. I drive fast!

  18. The problem is he did smell their asses and like the aroma.
    My prayers are with you and the Mrs. nothing more precious than a loving mate----took me a long time to figure that out.

  19. Curmudgeon, I couldn't leave you all hanging like that. Love yous guys too.

  20. Brighid, Get up here quick. Just kidding. Thank You!


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