Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Note To The Woodstermanites

Photo of Sexy Babe for Marine ...

Sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting for Jodi
to put out the new NewsBusted video, and getting irritated.
I wanted to thank all of you for your patience with the old
Woodsterman. It has been a wild last ten days doing the
two shows. We had two days in the middle but that was it.
I had wifi at the last show, but I also had battery issues. I
really want to thank you for your understanding, and your
understanding of why I couldn't make my usual rounds to
visit all of you. I really hate when I can't keep up with your
posts. Yesterday was a clean up day with putting our inventory
away, cleaning out the motorhome, and starting projects to
replace the inventory that sold.

I want to give a special thanks to "Trailbee" who came for a
visit while I was in Homewood. That is one special lady. More
of our relationship, a bank, and Cruz Here.

I never write this much. I'm back, but will be a little slow
getting my rounds caught up. The bookwork and small
ring boxes is on my schedule today.


  1. You know you should just rest for a couple of days. Working just wears you down. Well that's what I remember anyway. Being retired I don't work much anymore.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  2. Sandee, I'm supposed to be retired, but on the way to the social security office .......

  3. The photo of the sexy babe is good, but I prefer the real thing. Call me old fashioned.

    However, you need a down day to decompress.

  4. It is great to hear you sold enough to have to make inventory for your next shows. Ferengis are proud of you. May you keep your latinum and not pay for travelers.

  5. Take your time, Odie.

    It is summer, after all, but, yeah, you look at that check and you think, "That, for a whole month?".

  6. I was on vacation too. Couldn't make the rounds.

  7. LL, I prefer the real thing too, but I have to indulge in small amounts. I need all the blood I can get going to my head.

  8. Supi, you treky babe you. I feel like a successful Ferengi now. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow in Reno, so while I'm there I'll visit the wood store.

  9. Edutcher, you da man ... When it stops being fun I stop. Not enough summer to go around though.

  10. Opie, don't you hate when that happens.

  11. Thank you, Odie! You made an old, down-and-out Marine on the skids thankful for one more suck of oxygen.

  12. There was the picture...then a bunch of words, I think they said something about the girl in the picture...

  13. Race -- I don't do much reading; just look at pictures, so I've got my computer 'word blocked.' Save a lot of space

  14. Marine, teach me that trick ... that is if you can read this.

  15. Can you ask that in some sorta picture form... say, like, good looking women doing sign language, or something?

  16. Marine, What a great idea ... thanks


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