Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Let's Have Us Some Libturd Tuesday ~ PM


Thanks FBers


  1. I'm sure Army, Navy , AF, and Coastie families would do the same. Very Jim Bowie of the guy.

  2. You hit it over the fence yet again Woodie. Thanks.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen.
    I am going to embark on a feat of daring do.
    I will now attempt to jump this group of protestors with this D-6 Caterpillar bulldozer.
    Wish me luck.
    And here we gooooooooo......

  4. can't geta job cause of the tats?? cover em up. the amount of make up would be only slightly more than that used by the average "modern woman" on a saturday night club outing.

  5. That nut job with a head fulla tats? Why would anyone hire a whack job likely to cause lots of problems and kill herself?


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