Friday, January 14, 2022

Skipday (Part-1)


Thanks Skip


  1. Re: rich watering the poor eatering the rich.

    Two things: I had an open invitation extended to all employees to look at my books. I would explain all as needed. Not one in 30 took the offer. They continued to believe I went home each week with pockets bulged with money.

    I believe I have never seen a poie person create permanent jobs for others. That one is poor does not mean they must remain poor. I and many others are great examples of that.

    I won't list the many incentives I put to my employees nor the great cost -so unappreciated- in doing so. I am now at the point of eff them. Each can lift themselves or remain to wallow in their bereft victimhood. God forgive me. Ya know, Peter thought highly of himself when he said to forgive 7 times (more than was common) but Jesus rightly admonished to say 7 x 70; a Hebrew idiom for evermore.

    1. Rick, I didn't take a good look at that one. I wouldn't have posted it. I believe as you do.

    2. I was paying my best craftsmen $20/hr in the early 90s. Wages far better than almost any where for that time and if I do say so, for very interesting & unique projects. It might sound stupid but I was not interested at that point in the money. I wanted the oppo to do work that a small handful of art glass studios were doing. Let me tell you, those down deposit checks, sometimes approaching a 1/2 million were pretty awesome to hold but man, months of 18 hour days & fucking art directors finally got to me. Shut it down with a huge Disney job on my desk to bid.

      Pretty swell to put in your 40 and walk with a nice paycheck every week while I was the first one in every morning and sometimes just didn't even go home but crashed on my office couch.

      Every one thought I was raking in the big bucks and were p/o to lose their jobs. Tough shit. Funny thing was, it was the warehouses I had bought for my business that made me a millionaire when I sold them.

    3. MMinWA, I got to know a lot of very good glass people in my Arts and Crafts gigs. They always seemed very tired.

  2. The last one: How true.
    The first one: I'm not sure she's qualified for either.

    It's Friday and Epstein did not kill himself.

  3. Replies
    1. edutcher, the left in the court is doing what house isn't, Writing law.


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