Sunday, January 30, 2022

Happy Funday Morning All


Thanks FBers


  1. Arkancide? You'd be surprised how close.

  2. When I was stationed in Alabama, I went home to Oregon for Christmas. They had just implemented the 55 mph speed... I drove on I-10 and it took three days to cross Texas! Man buns, they should spare themselves the embarrassment and just castrate themselves. That seems like a logical dieting strategy, three instead of four.

  3. The sun has risen
    And the sun has set,
    But here I am
    Still in Texas yet.

  4. True about Texas, done did it 4 times now.

  5. Palo Alto to DC in 54 hours, didn't even remember Texas.

  6. #6 I witnessed a guy with a man bun get in the face of a Ranger down in Savannah GA. It ended with the Ranger using the man bun as a handle to smash the guy's face into a foundation post in the bar. It was over before anybody realized something was going on. The Ranger was wearing a muscle shirt where he had tattoos of a Ranger tab, Airborne tab, Air Calvary tab, and Combat Infantry Badge on his bicep.

    FYI: If you see a guy that has any of those tats, buy him a drink/dinner and thank him for his service.

  7. Hahahahahahaha!!!

    A safe, blessed week to you all, Odie. :)


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