Thursday, September 27, 2018

Red Baron, Watch Out!

Thanks Lloyd


  1. Referencing yesterday, Odie - you don't owe me a keyboard, my bad, I didn't notice the warning on the side bar - you were covered. :)

  2. RC enthusiasts can make almost anything fly, I know because I be one. I like to tether a ghost to my drone on Halloween.

    Thanks to your help, I now get over 150 views a day vs 2 or 3, and it gets better almost every day!

    Google only gives me one option ( vs when I reply or follow anyone on Blogspot

    I. Adolph Oliver Bush.

  3. Edward, It's all fun and games here. It's only when you want to be taken seriously you run into trouble.

  4. Dear Unemployed, now I'm really confused. You're Welcome ... LOL!

  5. Love Snoopy's flying dog house!


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