Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's Make Fun Of Liberals Today . . . Shall We

And My Favorite!
Thanks Facebookers


  1. last time anyone fled this country for a communist state was in the 60's. a few idiots hijacked airplanes to cuba. but that stopped when castro stopped using them for propaganda and started putting them in jail

  2. Excellent photo spread.

    But Bernie and Sharpton are not wondering who's going to pick up the check. They already know it's going to be the government.

    What they are thinking about is just exactly how to do it, whether they can gt away with both submitting the same check for reimbursement and whether there is something else that they can steal.

    Including the dishes and the half full bottle of hot sauce which I see Al eying greedily.

  3. The first, and the second.

    Shows what kind of man he is.

  4. They are off the rails and have been for some time. Oh well, we don't need them anyway.

    Have a fabulous day, Odie and keep them coming. 😎

  5. Cannon, Send then all to Venezuela for a Life's Lesson.

  6. iOpener, I guess you and I will be getting the bill.

  7. Sandee, I have to keep em coming. Spewing coffee onto computer screens has become a tradition.

  8. The bernie and al and the maxine ! LOL

    all good tho


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