Friday, September 7, 2018

Is It Libturd Thursday Already? Oh Friday?

Fresh off the Facebook Presses.


  1. Good stuff Woods. All of it. I bet that Military fella had the girls wetting their panties. What is his story/sacrifice. I am not being disrespectful. You know I'm not from there.

  2. Liberals and gender are good, but sacrifice?

    That says it all.

    Brillo Pad Head will be a trivia question in a couple of years, along with the NFL and Nike.

  3. Matthew, That's Pat Tillman. In 2002, after 911, he enlisted in the army, thus giving up his multi-million dollar National Football league Career with the Phoenix Cardinals. He was killed later in Afghanistan. Here's a link:

  4. edutcher, like so many I've been looking at the NFL, Nike, and Brillo Head in my rear view mirror. Life without them goes on. Someone said on Facebook there was a game last night?


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